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What to do to organize a wedding?

How to make a marriage? If you do not know how to plan, organize or make a marriage, here is a guide that will guide you on how to make

What to do to organize a wedding?

How to plan a wedding?

If you just start with the organization of your wedding and you do not know where to start, we share a "step by step" with everything you should do. Do not despair! With time and much calm everything is possible.

Ready to plan a wedding:

What to do 1 year or two before the wedding?

  • Choose the date in which we want to get married.

  • Calculate number of guests and approximate budget.

  • Search and reserve the place of the Banquet.

  • Search and reserve Church or court.

What to do 9 to 11 months before the wedding?

  • Search suppliers: photographer, videographer, catering, wedding planner, decorator etc ...
  • Prepare a preliminary list of guests (a little trick here). Decide bridesmaids, pages and damsels.
  • Start selecting the wedding dress.
  • Think of possible destinations for the honeymoon and request budgets.

What to do 6 to 8 months before the wedding?

  • Book the honeymoon in the travel agency.
  • For the religious wedding in the parish of the link will indicate the dates of premarital courses.
  • Search and hire music for the wedding.
  • Select and order the invitations.
  • Choose and buy the alliances.
  • Book the honeymoon in the travel agency.

What to do 4 to 5 months before the wedding?

  • Request and prepare documentation for religious or civil wedding. You can find the civil script and the script of a religious wedding in the links that I indicate.
  • Reserve rooms in a hotel for guests residing outside.
  • Buy the suit of the Bridegroom.
  • Buy bridal accessories: shoes, headdress / veil, earrings etc etc.
  • Select the hairdresser, the make-up artist for the bride.
  • Determine the decoration of the wedding.
  • Reserve the providers that you have not yet reserved.

What to do 3 months before the wedding?

  • Send invitations to the guests to organize their agenda.
  • Prepare ceremony, protocol, readings, music.
  • Order the details for the guests.
  • Reserve the flowers for the wedding.
  • Prepare the dance of the couple (choreography)

What to do 2 months before the wedding?

  • Do the hair and makeup test
  • Select the music for the ceremony, reception and banquet.
  • Try and choose the menu.
  • Facial treatment for the bride

How to organize a month before the wedding?

  • Call and re-confirm all contracted providers.
  • Confirm the attendance of all your guests.
  • Reconfirm the reservation of your honeymoon.

And now the most important advice I can give you as a married bride. Some days before the wedding relax and enjoy. Remember that in all weddings something goes wrong ... It is like this and you have to assume it and once all the details are closed, enjoy your wedding go out as it comes out!

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