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Expomalocas 2018

Expomalocas programming is loaded all the best commercial and agricultural exhibition of the region. the Institute of Tourism of Meta.

Expomalocas 2018

ExpoMalocas is consolidated as the most important and representative commercial exhibition showcase of the eastern plains, which has been called "UNA LOOK TO THE FUTURE"; where different economic and social actors of the region congregate and in this occasion will have the participation of the Czech Republic, as well as the Valle del Cauca as guest department.

"ExpoMalocas 2018" has the purpose of providing spaces that allow the business and union strengthening of the different socioeconomic sectors of the region; promote and promote technology transfer, the opening of new markets, and similarly seeks commercial, cultural exchange of experiences and knowledge at the local, national and international levels.

"ExpoMalocas 2018", will feature a variety of events and activities aimed not only at the interests of unions and employers, but for the enjoyment of the whole family; There you will find activities such as the Trade Exhibition Fair, Double Purpose Bovine Fair and Cebu, Grade A Equine Fair, Canine Festival, Academic Maloca, Business Roundtable, Gastronomic Fair, Vaquería, Coleo, Llano Work and many other activities.


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