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Marriages and Other Services

In Brizantha country hotel we have, with exclusive services for weddings or weddings, birthday business events and much more

Marriages and Other Services


Brizantha Hotel Campestre Offers the right space for couples, ideal for its architecture and landscapes. It has an events room for the reception of guests, large areas for wedding and bridal courts, adequate rooms for your guests to receive the best service and feel comfortable in our facilities.

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Outdoor Exercise

Thinking about the well-being of our guests, we develop a walking path surrounded by exuberant vegetation and 5 biosaludable machines where you can force your lungs to breathe pure air and improve your physical condition

Conference Room & Games Room

Soon we will have a modern games room, designed to house billiard and table tennis tables, as well as a screening room that will allow you to enjoy sports broadcasts, movies and business training.

Other Services

  • Laundry service for guests
  • Transportation to the city and its tourist attractions in our fleet of vehicles.
  • Concerge: if you need something additional that we do not have contemplated, you just have to make it known and we will commit ourselves to give you the best solution alternative
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