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Humid Areas

Humeda area of Brizantha Hotel Campestre. Country Hotel with Pool, Jacuzzi and Bronze Zone. Country hotel to rest in Villavicencio.

Humid Areas

Humid Areas

The wet area, with a children's pool, Jacuzzi and a pool for adults of 1.40 meters deep, we know that this space is the preferred one, that's why we have conditioned it with parasols around it, environmental sound of the best quality and a comfortable area of bathrooms. you can share with family and friends whole evenings


The jacuzzi has more than 30 vents and pressurized water that will allow you to relax while you delight your palate with a delicious Cocktail Sunset Brizanta, observing the landscape of the plain and its diversity of birds.

Children's Pool

Your children will always be near you with furniture so you can rest with them always in sight. in the same way we have all the security measures to be always relaxed.

Bronze Zone

The spectacular tanning zone designed to refresh you while sunbathing lowers the ambient temperature with a deck system in wood that allows the wind to pass through the floor and cool your body, sitting in sophisticated rattan-shaped leaf-shaped sunny chairs that will make you feel a pleasant rest.

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